How To Choose The Best Mesothelioma Law Firm

Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer and not a lot of people know about it. However, even if it’s the silent type, it can be very aggressive. This is because this cancer takes at least 20-50 years before it gets detected. It starts as an infection on the lining of your internal organs and when this disease gets worse, it starts to affect the functions of these internal organs.

Doctors claim that mesothelioma is caused by asbestos exposure. Those who are often near or exposed to asbestos have a higher risk of getting mesothelioma. These people are more often the asbestos miners. The common internal organs that asbestos attacks are the heart, lungs, and abdomen. And as of today, there is no known cure for mesothelioma.

So if you have mesothelioma, are you a lost cause? The answer is definitely a no. In fact, Belluck & Fox, LLP will assure you that you can always be protected and be entitled to claims even if you have the illness. The only thing you have to do is choose the right law firm. Here are a few tips for you to determine the right mesothelioma law firm for you.


  1. Hire someone with experience

It’s not just a lot of experience that’s being said here, but winning experience. When you look at a mesothelioma law firm, make sure that you look critically at the cases they took. Do they win? Do they create a good case in court? Do they have a history of settling? If the answer to the last question is a yes, then you should be on your way. This is because there are a number of attorneys who prefer to make negotiations and would end up forcing you to settle for a price that is much smaller than what you will get if your case was presented in court. To add to that, the firm should also have mastery of asbestos litigation and should be well-versed with trust funds.


  1. Research on how their previous clients were treated

In general, you will get an idea of how a business or a firm is doing by how they treat their customers. If a law firm always receives bad comments or reviews, then you should best be on your way. That is not a law firm you want to have. But if the law firm always gets good reviews and is recommended by the people you know, then by all means, you can hire them.

The right law firm for you will always give importance to your case. They also won’t spread their resources (or manpower) too thin so as to give you enough time in terms of discussion, preparation, and interviews. However, even if they watch your case like a hawk, the bulk of the work should be done by them.


  1. Look for firms outside your area

You don’t have to worry about the distance when choosing a law firm for mesothelioma. A good law firm will go to you even if you live in a different state. To add to that, when you look for firms just in your area, chances are that they may not be as experienced as they should be to win a case. In fact, some attorneys are certified in a number of states. This would be favorable to you because they would know which states can offer you the best compensation.

  1. If possible, only consider law firms that pay after the case

This means that they will only collect their payment when you’ve won the case (or if you won’t win, they will not receive any). Usually, your lawyer will get a certain percentage of the compensation you’ll get. When you look for lawyers with this kind of payment method, you will be assured that he or she will do their best to get the highest reward for your case.


  1. Look at the resources of the law firm

Aside from experience and client reviews, another thing you should research on is the resources of the firm. Do they have enough to win your case? The resources concerned are the manpower, time, and the networks. The more they have, the better.